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Whilst it is not always easy to consider pre-arranging one’s funeral, there are some real benefits in doing so:

Funeral wishes in a Will are not legally binding; your executors do not have to carry out your wishes.

Often bereaved family members are unsure of what their deceased relative wanted, as it’s not always the main topic of conversation!

A pre-paid funeral plan guarantees that you funeral wishes are carried out, and that the costs of the funeral will be paid for at little or no extra cost to your family. Even if you have saved money in order to pay for a funeral, your executors are not duty bound to use it for that purpose; nor will you know if you have saved enough.

Peace of mind, knowing that your family will not have to carry the burden of organising a funeral. It will all have been planned in advance.

You can usually decide from a short list of options available, starting with a simple funeral plan ranging up to a superior plan.

Once you have decided on your preferred plan and then paid for it, your money is safe. Funeral costs, as with everything else, continue to rise. Payment options are usually available.

After extensive market research, Wills Plus offers Safe Hands funeral plans. They offer excellent value for money and a professional service. Agency number: 248